My person of the year 2012 – George Lucas!

In the last days, we debated among friends who is “our” personal person of the year 2012.

Since I like the big picture, I thought who might have had the largest positive impact on the world last year.
And here my pick: George Lucas!

It’s astounding what he achieved and build in his life. And more it’s impressive and inspirational how he choose to exit. And it has lasting impact – 4 Bln US private money for educational charity can have quite some impact on the world.

Here a few related articles:

–> about the sale itself
–> cool brief article and video on techcrunch – although one has to distinguish between reality and PR – he apparently opted not to sell to the highest bidder, but rather took into consoderation who is the “best owner”
–> and here about the use of the proceeds. It’s not about the largest yacht or the largest estate – it’s about leaving a mark, where the lever is likely the biggest – impressive.

George, you are my person of the year 2012 and thank you for enriching our culture & inspiring all of us!

Sidenote: A lot of my German friends opted for Angela Merkel